Most of us in mid career sometimes introspect on how our life / career could have been different if only we have had the right advice at the right time.
One could also face challenges in deciding on the future course of study or contemplate change of job / career.
We are fortunate to have a pool of experienced alumni / faculty who have volunteered to be mentors

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You have reached where you are through sheer dint of hard work and application. Inspire the students with your insights on opportunities available and guide them to reach their aspirations.

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Student and alumni requiring mentoring please click to post the issue on which you require advice.

Mentees may contact the mentors directly. Mentees who require advice and are not able to choose a mentor may post the details that would be present here.

Considering confidentiality the details of the mentee would not be displayed and only the issue would be presented here.
Mentors wishing to advice please mail to so as to inform the mentee to contact you.