The Madura College has for over 125 years shaped the life of thousands of students passing through its portal and has contributed great leader in society and industry.
We are proud to present here the Alumni who have distinguished themselves and made a mark in their chosen field.
We invite you provide details of distinguished Alumni to be presented here. Besides being a matter of pride for all of us, the achievements of distinguished Alumni would be an inspiration to our Students and Alumni to emulate their achievements.
In this first edition of your portal we are proud to feature Sri. T.S.Rajam.

SriTS Rajam


Sri. T.S.Rajam is the illustrious son of legendary Sri. T.V.Sundaram Iyengar, the founder of the TVS Group of Companies.

Sri. T.S.Rajam took an active interest in the activities of the College. He served as the Treasurer of the Madura College Board and was also president of the Madura College Old Boys' Association.

One notable activity initiated by Sri T.S.Rajam was the construction of the College Stadium for which he made the first donation of Rs.1000/- in 1955.

From the Minutes book of the Madura College Old Boys' Association it is seen that inspite of his hectic schedule he had attended regularly the meeting of the Executive Committee meeting of the Association and college events.

We are pleased to present here the photo taken on the occasion of the Rector's day in 1953-54 when Sri Rajaji was the Rector. Present on the occasion, besides Sri T.S.Rajam are Sri TVS, Sri.A.Vaidyanatha Iyer and Dr.M.S.Yegnanarayanan, then Secretary of the Madura College Board. Click to view photo

We are also pleased to present the extract from the Minutes Book of the contribution by the Alumni Association for the construction of the stadium, when Sri T.S.Rajam was the president. Click to view